Integrated Facilities Management

Hinc Integrated Facilities Management


HINC IFM is synonymous with expertise in technical and non-technical
business support services that are synonymous with the management of
facilities. We create ideal working environments by maintaining infrastructure
through the delivery of essential support services, all backed by our experienced staff and industry expertise. Our extensive experience enables us to deliver continuous cost benefits thus allowing our clients to focus without distraction on their core priorities.

We are experts in all aspects of the highly technical field of infrastructure management. and assume responsibility for all processes and systems related to infrastructure maintenance, providing a ‘one-stop-shop’ for our clients. Whilst cognisant of delivering the best services to our clients we are also loyal to the gold standard we must maintain in relation to environmental sustainability and minimising negative environmental impacts thus minimising the carbon footprint and energy
utilisation of our clients.


Our greatest service is to ensure that our clients arrive and work in the cleanest of environments that fit in with their culture and formulates a positive working environment. We offer everyday cleaning services that encompass offices, warehousing and industrial space.

We also offer Specialised periodic and once off cleaning services that include preoccupation cleans, high-pressure cleaning, exterior building cleaning, preparation and restoration of floor surfaces, deep cleaning of ablutions, spring cleaning of offices, factories, stripping and sealing various floor surfaces, steam cleaning of carpets and upholstery, high level cleaning of girders, pipes and factory fittings and abseil window cleaning.

This allows our clients to focus on what they do best, also allow us to do what we
do best.


A hygienic environment is a must for the health and safety of workforces, and ultimately the success of our clients. Hinc IFM are the professionals at delivering immediate, cost-effective solutions for a germ-free environment.

Our seasoned professionals create solutions that eliminate sanitation and health threats, maintaining the health and hygiene of your business and employees whilst giving you complete peace of mind. From the fixtures and equipment used in washrooms to the chemicals and processes used to keep office and industrial workspaces clean.

We are there to ensure that your working environment remains healthy and productive. Our client’s workforce needs to remain healthy and content in order to perform. Hinc IFM is there to deliver this to you in a way that is simple and cost effective, freeing you up to focus on your core business.


We have certified and solid industry partners who will be at the forefront of protecting your staff, building and assets. Our professionally trained and well-equipped officers secure your people, business and assets from harm, whilst delivering exceptional customer service.

We continuously monitor and evaluate our people to ensure that they provide a word-class, tailor-made service that meet our customers’ needs. We offer 24 hour manned guarding services with permanent & sundry Security Officers, protection of assets ,canine services, internal and external investigations.

We aspire to offer superior security standards that add value to our
clients’ interests.


Whilst Hinc IFM ensures that the internal workspace of our client’s properties are in a perfect condition, we also look after the external aesthetics of the property in relation to Landscaping, garden services and cleaning.

The outside of the building must align with the brand of the business and represent the company well to the staff and clients. We provide daily and weekly onsite maintenance of gardens and grounds, landscaping, irrigation, turf management and once-off clean ups to allow your staff and clients to arrive to a clean and scenic environment

Waste Management

Our main goal is to decrease the management burden off your shoulders and introduce products that simplify waste management on your own premises. Most of the waste generated in the industrial space are machine lubricants and coolants, aqueous and solvent based cleaning systems, paint, and scrap metals and plastics. In addition, we also take care of office and warehousing wastes, such as paper, printer cartridges, pallets, and packing materials. A well managed waste management system leads to financial benefits for our clients and the society benefits environmentally. Process improvements with minimal wastage reduce the cost of purchasing raw materials. The Reviewing of purchasing practices or using recycled or non-composite materials that can be separated or recycled minimises waste treatment and disposal costs and reduces long term liabilities. Promoting an internal socially and environmentally responsible behaviour and creating a safer and more comfortable workplace builds your brand, expands your market, and makes you more sustainable ultimately


We also offer services for the installation and maintenance of wall mounted soap dispensers, hand sanitisers, hand dryers, safe seat systems, air fresheners, urinal and drain treatments. These are all
part of the different solutions we offer such ass Hand-care solutions, Hand-drying solution, Odour control systems and Biological deep clean solutions.


This is a cornerstone of any successful business as the breakdown and lack of maintenance of building infrastructure and amenities affects the bottom line and affects the safety and morale of your work force.

We are there to minimise that risk as HINC IFM is at the forefront of ensuring that all your industrial and office systems are in working order.

We offer wholesale management of general maintenance, and maintenance of cabling, lifts, HVAC, access, fire detection and storage, furnishings and interiors, painting, rollers shutter doors, perimeter fencing, oil traps and separators.We are experts in all aspects of the highly technical field of building maintenance to allow our clients to work in a safe and compliant environment.

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